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in the ever-expanding world of e-commerce,

Small businesses can take the stage.

“If you’re going to build relationships with your clients, you must first be where they are.” – Mark Young
Small business for the win.

In the world of e-commerce, small businesses now have the opportunity to compete on a global scale. However, their greatest threat is understanding the ways in which big businesses are able to engage, connect, and scale operations.


Small businesses are BEING forced to look big.

Online shopping makes up nearly 20% of all retail sales.

In 2021, it is estimated that online purchases will account for 18.1% of all retail sales in the United States. And, for online brands, size doesn’t matter. What matters is quality, reputation, and outstanding service.


The playing field is leveled. Gear up.

“To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one.” – American Proverb

Solutions designed to sell.

Live Telephone Support | While e-commerce is, by definition, done online, small businesses have an opportunity to shine in the area of customer service and relationship building. Having a telephone number available for your customers gives the the assurance of resolution, as well as provides recredibility for your business. White glove service is our specialty.

Synchronous Webchat Support | Nearly as important as a telephone number being available to a customer is the ability to provide real-time resolution through webchat. By placing a widget on your company’s website, e-Concierge representatives can engage your customers, both addressing concerns and offering sales assistance prior to checkout.

SMS / Text Support | Due to modern-day busyness, we find that many customers prefer to not speak voice-to-voice, thus making it a priority to find ways to communicate with these customers. Our solution: Be where they are. Especially to a younger demographic, be available to communicate in the ways they prefer to communicate. Accept text messages 24/7.

Database / CRM Management | Relationships are essential when building trust with your clientele. Our team is trained to work within your company’s CRM to make all interactions visible to you and your team. Documentation is key to successful communication, so our team memorializes each interaction in the CRM of your choice.

Subscription Management | As with most healthy brands, continuity is the key to lifetime value. At e-Concierge, find the peace of mind you need, knowing that our team can handle subscription management, including: overcoming cancelations, customizing subscription kits, and all aspects of managing customer subscriptions.

Inventory / Fulfillment Management | From our warehouse, our team is able to offer inventory management, fulfillment, and storage for your products. We have a full offering of 3PL services, including fulfillment, returns, exchanges, and inventory management. Customized services available, as required.

Shopify Account Maintenance | Most ecommerce platform, our team specializes in the backend of Shopify, including credit card management, subscription support, refund issuances, and the like. While also able to manage other platforms, such as WooCommerce, we pride ourselves on solid, responsible database management.

Marketing Automation | Key to any ecommerce business is the consistent communication with its customers.  Our team assists with the constant, multi-channel communications necessary to automate emails, SMS messages, social media messaging, and other asynchronous channels.  Set up automated messaging and artificial intelligence customized to your clientele.

Inbox / Contact Management | Our state-of-the-art ticketing system can synchronize to your customer service email address, allowing our team to respond to customers regarding their emailed concerns and keeping a full log of all communications and time stamps.  Escalated concerns are automatically forwarded to designated people on your team, as necessary.

Customer Retention Specialists | Managing attrition is essential to long-term value. Our team is specially trained to overcome objections and work toward saving cancellations, in addition to converting sales to upsell cart value on each order. Saving sales and reducing attrition is our goal!